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Bruschetta With Arugula Pesto
ust in time for a lovely spring weekend, this post came to me from guest blogger Sam Peters. Enjoy her take on an easy spring snack, one that might just make its way into your picnic basket this weekend.

Do you have a go-to snack, a food that you always turn to when you seek something easy, delicious, and fresh? Do you always keep the ingredients for this snack readily available in your kitchen? If you had to choose just a couple foods for emergency storage, would this snack make the list?

I don’t know about you, but here’s my answer to the above three questions: yes, yes, and yes.

For a while I didn’t have a go-to snack. Instead, I went through phases characterized by hummus dips, carrots, pita chips, granola, and rice cakes. I toasted bread to dip in olive oil and made my fair share of peanut butter sandwiches. These snacks were all fine, to be sure, but none stood out for its ease and quality. None made me want to eat it again, and again, and again—until I ate nothing else between lunch and dinner.

But then I discovered bruschetta with arugula pesto.





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