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Bruschetta With Arugula Pesto

I had finally found my go-to snack—and it’s a delicious option that truly works great in every situation. After a long day of work I can whip together the dish in no time. While trying to impress guests I have no doubt what appetizer to make. And these days, as the sun grows stronger and spring gradually arrives, there is no better way to usher in the season than by slicing some bread, making some pesto, and enjoying a fresh bruschetta snack.

In fact, bruschetta with pesto is truly the ideal summer snack: it tastes green and natural but also has a crispyness that epitomizes the renewal of the season and the excitement of the summer to come. Eating the dish on a mild spring day—especially one that offers a warm breeze and the smell of flowers in the air—makes for the perfect complement of senses, tastes, and feels.

Here are the directions:

Step 1: Make the pesto
-Combine arugula, grated cheese, walnuts, and olive oil into a blender. The best cheese option is parmesan but a sharp cheddar can work just as well. (As for the arugula, the leaf adds a tangy bite to the pesto but often spoils quickly. I usually address this issue by freezing my arugula.)





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